Products & Services

Certified Company IS) 9001:2015

Key Features

As One Stop Solution Provider, MTM is a complete manufacturing outfit with capabilities to design, manufacture and test its products in complying with all relevant international standards. MTM offers wide and full range of products and services to meet customer requirement.

A. Transformer Manufacturing

MTM production lines offer full range of transformers from lowest of 300kVA/0.433kV up to 90MVA 132/33kV:

  • 1. Distribution Transformer
  • 2. Oil Immersed Transformers
  • 3. Dry Type Transformers
  • 4. Power Transformers
  • 5. Earthing Transformers
  • 6. Generator Transformers
  • 7. Customised Design Transformers
  • 8. Compact Substation Unit (CSU)
  • 9. 3D Wound Core Transformers

B. Services

MTM offer the following services on all distribution and power transformer:

  • 1. Remanufacturing, Retrofit & Refurbishment
  • 2. Repair & Service (In House & On Site)
  • 3. Installation, Testing and Commissioning
  • 4. Transformer Repair & Maintenance

C. Testing

    The transformers are individually tested in accordance with ISO 17025 standards and routine tests including:

    • 1. Diagnostic, Investigation & Troubleshooting
    • 2. Routine Test and Type Test

Our Products

Distribution Transformer - 100kVA to 3000kVA up to 33kV

Power Transformer - 5MVA to 90 MVA up to 150kV

Earthing Transformer

Compact Substation Unit (CSU)


Manufacturing & Testing Facilities

  • Ulu Klang
  • Kapar