About Us

Certified Company ISO 9001-2008

Company Background

Malaysia Transformer Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd. (MTM) has positioned itself as “One Stop Solution Provider” for the country’s electrical Transformer market. MTM became a wholly owned subsidiary of Tenaga Nasional Berhad in 2007.
As a specialist in the business, MTM offers wide and full range of products and services with high quality Distribution Transformers up to 5000 kVA with maximum voltage of 33 kV and Power Transformers up to 100 MVA with maximum voltage of 150 kV.

Vision, Mission & Share Value

  • To become a Leader in Transformer Business Regionally.
  • We provide Total Transformer Solution to help energizing the industry.
Shared Value
  • Integrity
  • Collaborative
  • Professionalism
  • Customer Centricity
  • Forward Thinking
  • Mindfulness


  • Major Milestone in Manufacturing

    1980 : First 11/4 kV Distribution Transformer

    1993 : First 33/11 kV Power Transformer (30 MVA)

    2001 :

    First 132/11 kV Power Transformer (45 MVA)

    First 132/33 kV Power Transformer (90 MVA)

  • Major Milestone in Transformer Manufactured
  • Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB), Malaysia

    8 x 30 MVA 132/11 kV successfully manufactured and put to service since 2001.

    More than 250 units of 30 MVA 33/11 kV successfully manufactured and put to service since 1994.

  • Sabah West Coast Project (SESB), Malaysia

    2 x 90 MVA 132/66 kV

    4x 45 MVA 132/33 kV

    2x 30 MVA 132/11 kV

    4x 30 MVA 132/11 kV

  • Saudi Electricity Company (SEC), Saudi Arabia

    1 x 1000 kVA 13.8/0.231 kV

    1 x 100 kVA 13.8/0.231 kV

  • Ceylon Electricity Board, Sri Lanka
    2 x 30 MVA 33/11 kV
  • Major Milestone in Project

    A joint venture project between Canadian and Malaysian governments on “Malaysia Rural. Electricity Project:

    Coupling Capacitive System” in the 1980s.

  • Major Milestone in Services (Repair and Retrofit of Power Transformers)

    2001 :

    353 MVA 275/20 kV for Kapar Power Station, Klang Malaysia.

    25 MVA 275/34.5/11 kV for Kapar Power Station, Klang Malaysia

    2002 : 250 MVA 275/230/22 kV for Plentong Transmission Main Intake Malaysia

    2007 : 240 MVA 275/132/33 kV for PMU Ayer Tawar, Perak Malaysia

    2008 : 6 x 90MVA 132/33 kV for various PMU in Malaysia

    2012 : Remanufacturing of Trafo-Indo Transformer for KDL, Indonesia

Board of Directors

Management Team


Our Business

Gaining a firm foothold in the competitive global market, our products have been successfully accredited by internationally certified testing bodies such as ASTA, CESI and CPRI. MTM management system is also certified under Integrated Quality, Environment, Occupational Health, Safety Assessment Systems and Accredited Laboratory Certificates complying with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007 and MS ISO/IEC 17025.

  • a. Oil Immersed Transformers
  • b. Dry Type Transformers
  • c. Power Transformers
  • d. Earthing Transformers
  • e. Generator Transformers
  • f. Customised Design Transformers
  • g. Compact Substation Unit (CSU)
  • a. Remanufacturing, Retrofit & Refurbishment
  • b. Repair & Service (In House & On Site)
  • c. Installation, Testing and Commissioning
  • d. Transformer Repair & Maintenance
  • a. Diagnostic, Investigation & Troubleshooting
  • b. Routine Test and Type Test

Company Policy

"Integrated Management System Policy"

MTM business activities are design, development, manufacturing, supply, installation, commissioning, testing laboratory activities and maintenance services including refurbishment & re-manufacturing of Power and Distribution Transformers.

MTM recognises the world’s growing need for energy and aims to produce quality products and related services at competitive price with minimum impact to the environment without compromising on safety and Health.

MTM top management is committed to the development and implementation of quality, environmental affairs, safety and health and providing excellent professional practices in testing in servicing its customers. In achieving the policy and objectives, management is dedicated to:

  • 1. Provide quality products and services that meet customers’ expectations within specified time frame at competitive price and continually improve the effectiveness of the integrated management system.

  • 2. Continually strive to improve the quality of:
  • - Products & services
  • - Environmental
  • - Safety and health
  • - Laboratory test activities

  • 3. through effective implementation of Integrated Management System in meeting its policy, objectives, customers, community at large, legal and other requirements.

  • 4. Develop competent and productive work force to achieve operational excellence that fully comply with all relevant environmental, safety and health regulations, legislative and other requirements and integrity, accuracy and confidentiality analysis of lab test activities.

  • 5. To ensure certification and testing service provided comply with the applicable Standards and guides and any other requirements of accreditation body.

  • 6. Aim for minimum defects, adverse to environment and prevention of injury and ill health through communication to our customers, employees, contractors and stake holders.

  • 7. Comply and familiar with applicable quality, environmental, safety, health, legal, laboratory documentation and other requirements, implement procedure and work instruction in their work and report to authorities promptly and inform affected parties as appropriate.

  • 8. Provide the frame work for setting and reviewing Quality, Evironmental, Safety & Health, Laboratory Management System objectives and targets of meeting customers requirement in management review Meeting.

The achievement will be reflected in the continual improvement of our operations.